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Advanced Facials

Looking for that glamorous glow of Bollywood film stars? Bollywood facial is the right facial for you. Get the sheer elegance all day long with precious metal and exotic ingredient which keeps your skin free from radicals, dirt and impurities for a “Beautifully Radiant You”

White Nuerogist Facial powered with DiamondLite 60 which had the potency of 125 times more anti-oxidant activity than Vitamin C significantly brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation. Its 3-D white Complex which has 7 potent lightening activators and YouthWhite complex drastically enhance complexion and lift skin ageing by boosting collagen production.

Stem-Cellogist Facial is powered by a patented technology that helps to reduce wrinkles & fine lines by activating skin stem cells innate potential for renewal, working from the core of the skin itself. Sea Caviar or sea green grape is a Japanese ingredient renowned for improving longevity of life visibly reduces wrinkles and facial lines are visibly.

2X Whitening Glow Facial Treatment(Blanc Precision) Experience the revolutionary solution to darkened, dull or uneven skin tone. Powerful whitening actives are delivered deep beneath multiple skin layers using nanotechnology to ensure maximum absorption and efficacy. Combined with a blend of ultra-hydrating agents and protective antioxidants, skin’s healthy, dewy radiance is restored. Its White Luminance Cream is highly-penetrative and has whitening moisture surge for lasting fairness facilitated by its Intelligent Targeting of Pigmentation, thus rendering a Lightened Complexion.

Fermatique Brilliance Essencious Facial which is powered with active ‘Precious Culture Dew’ which has an exquisite fluid with vitamins derived from Yeast, Amino Acids, Minerals, Lipids, Vitamin E, Phyto Stem Cells.Best suited for dull and lackluster skin conditions, Fermatique Brilliance Essencious instantly unveils youthful translucence. The power of fermentation makes all the difference – helping nutrients break through resistant barriers in skin and drive deeper into its layers.


Welcome To Revital Mantra, Where We Redefine The Concept Of Self-care, Wellness, Beauty, And Fitness. Nestled In The Heart Of Tranquility, We Are The Pinnacle Of Holistic Well-being, A Sanctuary Dedicated To Rejuvenating Your Body, Mind, And Spirit.


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