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Body Massage

BelleWave Premium B-Lift Essensuals
An essential for every woman, the REVITAL MANTRA Premium B-Lift Essensual™ treatment from BelleWave(Switzerland) helps create a full and defined bust silhouette. Premium B-Lift Essensual™ utilizes very innovative firming active complexes such as Bust Beautonix™ and Collactive Complex™, along with many natural phytoestrogens to help create an “invisible” support that restores lift and tone to the cleavage. Polysaccharides a carbohydrate (e.g. starch, cellulose, or glycogen) whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules bonded together, is derived from Algae to improve the moisture level of skin around the breast and cleavage area.
BodyWave Professional Porcelain Luxe Therapy
Smoothens, Polishes & Cushions Skin with its Abundance of Nutrients. Profoundly therapeutic, the Silky Yogurt Peel is designed to bring the body through a journey of renewal and replenishment. The union of two enzymatic actives, Yogurt and Papain, envelops skin in unprecedented luxury; designed to gently exfoliate and refine skin for a pristine new surface. Working in synergy with algae-derived sugars, the formula releases an infusion of vitamins and moisture to energize skin’s natural regeneration processes. Polished to perfection and empowered with the 5 vital facets of renewal – moisture, nourishment, smoothness, regeneration and radiance – skin is gently brought back to optimal condition, ready for a full sensorial experience that is the Porcelain Luxe Therapy treatment

Welcome To Revital Mantra, Where We Redefine The Concept Of Self-care, Wellness, Beauty, And Fitness. Nestled In The Heart Of Tranquility, We Are The Pinnacle Of Holistic Well-being, A Sanctuary Dedicated To Rejuvenating Your Body, Mind, And Spirit.


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