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Revital Mantra presents an advanced spot reduction service, LipoSlim. With extensive efforts to lose weight, there comes a stage when we reach a state of stagnancy, this stage is called the plateau. Of the many benefits of LipoSlim, it’s a plateau breaker. Target area like Tummy, Waist, Thighs, Hips are treated with medical appliances that help disintegrating the fat cells followed by manual therapy.
Inch loss of upto 2 inches, and upto 1kg of weightloss has been observed in certain individuals. Results vary on the basis of individual body composition. After the treatment finishes, client has to exercise for 15-30 min. This will help to get the best of the benefits of LipoSLim.
The service is medically approved and has been developed by doctors and experts on extensive research to get you the best results. All procedures in the LipoSlim service is medically approved and has no side effects. However, people with medical conditions like metallic implants, hernia, Cancer, post-surgery (less than 3 months) and more are advised not to go for this therapy. Each of these therapies are done by an expert along with a doctor in consultation.

1.Improved blood circulation

2.Relaxed Muscle Tension

3.Increased lymph circulation and elimination of toxin

4.Plateau Breaker

5.Helping in Weight Loss

6.Increase Metabolism

7.Helping in CM loss

8.Tightening and firming of the Target Area

9.Stimulate collagen synthesis

Who is this service recommended for?

1.Obese clients (generalized obesity)

2.Clients stuck/nearing the weight plateau (Stuck-Up Clients)

3.Client with PCOD/Hypothyroid to increase weight Loss

4.Clients with water retention

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